This anatomical model of a dog’s ear is a two-piece ear model that is ideal for educating pet owners and students, as well as a surgery decoration. One side shows a healthy dog ear and the opposite side illustrates a diseased ear.

The coloured HeineScientific ear model is suitable for demonstrating the physiological structures and pathological findings of a dog’s ear. It facilitates pet owner consultations and, thus, contributes to the success of further treatment by the owner.

  • The canine ear model comes mounted on a white base
  • Dimensions (L x H x B): 16,5 x 17 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 0,42 kg


Visible Structures on Healthy Side of the Ear Model:

  • Cochlea
  • Auditory ossicles
  • Eustachian tube
  • Tympanic cavity
  • Middle ear
  • Eardrum
  • Horizontal and vertical section of the external ear canal
  • Ear cartilage
  • Outer ear
  • Temporal muscle

Visible Structures on the Diseased Side of the Ear Model:

  • Inflamed inner ear structures
  • Exudate in the tympanic cavity
  • Ear canal, partially occluded by a cell hyperplasia
  • Inflammatory exudate in the outer ear
  • Inflamed, reddened outer ear

Article Number: H191779 Category: SECTIONAL CUT ANATOMY MODELS


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