The injection arm from HeineScientific is a simulation model for injection and venepuncture training. Thanks to a special injection area on the upper arm of the model, it can also be used for learning how to perform IM injections. The injection arm is made from special, soft PVC, which not only feels similar to skin, but also provides a realistic amount of resistance during injection/puncture. In addition, the injection arm is resistant to disinfectants and is washable. The arm contains 2 tubes – these “veins” can be filled with artificial blood.

The Injection Training arm can train the following techniques:

  • Bloodletting
  • Venepuncture at the inner aspect of the elbow
  • IV injection
  • IM injection into the upper arm
  • Setting up infusions


  • Injection arm made of soft PVC
  • Washable and resistant to disinfectants
  • Special area for IM injections
  • Realistic conditions for injection/venepuncture training
  • Veins can be filled using tubes

Article Number: H130501 Category: FUNCTIONAL | TEACHING MODELS


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