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HeineScientific®  Become a Distribution Partner

We would like to further expand our distribution network and are looking for (especially in Scandinavia and the BeNeLux countries) additional distribution partners for our products. Should you be interested in our anatomical models, please send us a short mail to info@netmed.lu and enquire about our convenient conditions for retailers. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Exclusive Partner for Retail:

We do not offer our products in direct sales. We exclusively market our assortment through select retailers. As a distribution partner, you obtain access to a comprehensive selection of products that your end customers cannot directly order from us.

Top Price-Performance Ratio:

The HeineScientific® products are exclusively manufactured for us. See for yourself and enquire about our convenient retailer conditions.


We convince ourselves personally at the production facilities to assure that our products fulfill the prescribed quality standards. Additionally, we assure that production is carried out under maintenance of fair working conditions and with regard to the highest environmental standards.

Growing Assortment:

We continuously expand our product range from HeineScientific® and always offer a larger selection of high-quality anatomical models.

Strong Logistics:

We keep a sufficient supply of our entire assortment in stock. Because of this, delivery occurs quickly and without detours.

Location in the Heart of Europe:

Our central location in Luxembourg, near the borders of Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, allows us to promptly deliver to all European countries.

Experience and Expertise:

We have ample experience in the development, production and distribution of anatomical models. We speak your language and are familiar with the circumstances in the marketplace.

Competent Service:

Your requests are answered promptly and professionally. We personally see to each request and are also able to coordinate complex orders.


High-quality products deserve an appropriate presentation. You need support in accurately representing our assortment? We will gladly help you, should you require images, texts or other information. We are available under info@netmed.lu for all other questions. Talk to us!

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