Osteoporosis model from HeineScientific

This osteoporosis model consists of three medial cut vertebrae with intervertebral discs. A healthy bone structure is displayed on the upper vertebra and an osteoporotic bone structure is displayed on the middle. The lower vertebra shows osteoporosis in an advanced stage with a dented cover and base disc (fish vertebra). The weight of the osteoporotic vertebral bones is greatly reduced.

The osteoporosis model is mounted on a sturdy base and the individual vertebral discs can be removed from the stand for closer observation.

  • Osteoporosis model from HeineScientific
  • Represents 3 vertebral discs
  • Various osteoporotic bone structures incl. fish vertebra
  • Mounted on a sturdy base
  • Base dimensions: 11 x 6 cm
  • Height: 17 cm

Order Number: H130483
GTIN: 4260306778805


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