Complete disarticulated human skeleton

This skeleton set is particularly realistic, as each individual bone is made from a cast of a real adult human bone. The skeleton model contains each bone individually, as well as one assembled hand and foot, in order to simplify the positioning of particularly small bones.

  • This skeleton set is comprised of a completely unassembled human skeleton model, so that you can observe and study each individual bone.
  • The disassembled skeleton set is the ideal teaching aid for medical studies, for training physiotherapists and for vivid school lessons.
  • If necessary, the realistically modeled bone surface can be written on using a waterproof marker.
  • The skeleton model simplifies the learning of the individual bones with their characteristics, for example for anatomy exams, and serves as a realistic visual aid during classes.
  • Complete disarticulated human skeleton
  • All bones separate
  • Right hand and right foot flexibly mounted on wire
  • Complete 3-piece skull
  • Ideal teaching aid for medical school, physical therapy training, school classes
  • Weight: 7,7 kg

Order Number: H130370
GTIN: 4260306779383


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