Arm model for learning skin suturing skills

The Suture Training Arm suture trainer is used for learning and practicing suturing skills and knotting techniques under realistic conditions. The suture trainer has the shape and size of a human arm. Thanks to its natural shape and tissue and skin-like properties, the suture trainer is very realistic, while providing economic value.
The Suture Trainer in Detail:
  • A special hard foam forms the base of the skin suture trainer, and the “skin” is made of special PVC that feels very realistic and has the same properties of human skin when suturing.
  • Thanks to a special moulding technology, even details such the nail bed and lines in the palm are visible.
  • The Suture Arm suture trainer offers exceptionally realistic conditions compared to pads, blocks and cuts of material.
  • The pre-cut wounds on the suture trainer can be sewn, stapled or tacked again and again
  • To facilitate storage and transportation, the “arm” skin suture trainer comes in a carrying case, which also provides space for sutures.
  • Arm model for learning skin suturing skills
  • Very realistic ‘artificial skin’
  • Pre-cut wounds
  • Own wounds can be added if necessary
  • Life-size
  • Approx. 62 cm long
  • Supplied with carry case

Order Number:  H130630
GTIN: 4260306778935


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