Dog Kidney Model with blood vessels

This detailed and partially disassemblable model of a dog’s kidneys also shows segments of the blood vessels such as the renal artery (Arteria renalis), the renal vein (Vena renalis) and the ureter.
  • It can be disassembled to allow for the study of the organ’s internal structure.
The model of a dog’s kidneys, approximately 25 x 8 x 21 cm (W x D x H) in size, is attached to a white plastic base with a stand.
  • Detailed model of two dog kidneys (1 kidney can be opened)
  • Shows sections of the renal artery and vein and the ureter
  • Mounted on a base
  • Dimensions (L x H x W): 22 x 22 x 15 cm 
  • Weight: 0,7 kg

Some visible structures on the Dog Kidney Model include:

  • Renal pelvis
  • Ureter
  • Renal capsule
  • Renal medulla
  • Renal poles
  • Renal artery
  • Renal vein

Order Number: H190078
GTIN: 4260306779178


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