These histology slides 

are suited for use in medical school. The prepared microscope slide set contains a complete catalogue of human tissue types. The slides show the typical physiological appearance of various tissues, such as the squamous epithelium, heart muscle, brain or colon.

Delivery contents: wooden case with 100 histology specimens and multi-lingual reference insert.


  • 100 prepared histology slides
  • Ideal for medical school
  • Contains physiological specimens on microscope slides
  • Specifically coloured (eg. muscle tissue with HE stain, nerves with silver stain)
  • All important structures are easily recognisable
  • Partially human specimens (e.g. placenta), partially animal specimens (fatty tissue)
  • All microscope slides are numbered and labled
  • Contains all tissue types in the human body
  • All specimens are individually removable and reusable

Article Number: H139051 Category: PREPARED MICROSCOPE SLIDE SETS

Prepared Slide Set for Human Medicine

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