This anatomical model clearly shows the structure of the placenta and of the umbilical cord. The placenta model may be divided into two parts in order to illustrate the interior structure ot the placenta.

The placenta model shows the following structures :

  • maternal vessels
  • placenta septum
  • villus
  • stratum spongiosum
  • chorion
  • amnion
  • trophoblast
  • sinus marginalis
  • umbilical cordon with umbilical veine and arteries


  • Placenta model with umbilical cord
  • Two pieces (one part can be removed from the model)
  • Mounted on a plastic base
  • Hand-painted
  • Size (with base)(L x H x W): 22 x 21 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 0,84 kg

Article Number: H134008 Category: FEMALE ANATOMY


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